vision of AEGA

We are the Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies, Inc. (AEGA) - originally organized and chartered in 1976 under the name "Christian Ministries" -  a local ministerial fellowship in Monroe, Louisiana. In 1988 Godly men with over forty years of ministry experience, a fresh vision for soul winning, church planting, missions, and Christian education expanded the Fellowship internationally.  Today AEGA is a respected Association with several divisions. As a member once quipped, "AEGA has been imitated by other groups, but never duplicated!"

Currently our MINISTERIAL Credential and Church-Ministry Division has members throughout the US and Canada. And with thousands of men and women of God under the banner of AEGA around the world, the Fellowship now has membership and contacts in over sixty countries. We provide ministerial credentials for qualified applicants (both men and women), and offer the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status under our group exemption to Churches, Evangelistic Ministries, Counseling Centers, Music & Worship Ministries, Christian Schools, and Bible Colleges. Come and fellowship with those of like precious faith at district and area meetings, and meet believers from around the world at the AEGA World Conference, held annually at the headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana.

One of the primary missions of AEGA is fulfilled through its educational divisions - Omega Bible Institute & Seminary and Evangel Christian University of America - training hundreds of indigenous ministers in many countries and in the USA. Students from numerous denominations enroll in a par excellence study program to earn a bachelor, master, or doctorate degree. Held concurrently with the World Conference, the highlight of the year is graduation when students from coast to coast and around the world gather to receive their degrees. When you become a member of AEGA, you become part of the vision to educate laymen and ministers around the globe for the glory of God.

From the beginning, AEGA has been committed to mission work throughout the world. Projects include church planting, developing Bible schools, feeding the poor, sponsoring needy children, an annual Christmas Box delivery, and a dynamic medical mission outreach. The AEGA World Missions Department has been instrumental in sending millions of dollars in medicines around the world. Thousands of souls have been touched and brought into the Kingdom through this outreach alone. AEGA offers MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS  to God called ministers in other countries.

A ministry TO and FOR ministers, AEGA is committed to helping individuals like YOU move forward in ministry. If you feel called to minister in a certain capacity, or if you are considering a new direction for an active ministry, the AEGA should be seriously considered when seeking MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS. Our General Executive Presbytery Board & Leaders have many  years of experience and stand ready to pray for you and assist you in the expansion of your ministry. They are also available to you in times of need and in your personal  spiritual growth. We know of no other Association or Fellowship that provides so many benefits.

BENEFITS OF FELLOWSHIP: Organized as a 501 (c)(3) convention of churches and ecclesiastical body (providing ministerial credentials)AEGA does not operate as a bookkeeping business, or receive its income from its own published products or services, although we believe such products and services are needed in ministry. As a true fellowship,  we are supported  entirely by our ministers, churches, and ministries just as the local church is supported by those it serves and oversees. As the Apostle Paul submitted himself  to the leadership in Jerusalem and received offerings for distribution to those in need, we also work with our member ministries and churches to build the Kingdom of God around the world. (2 Corinthians 8:1-9, 9:6-7). AEGA is not an "organization" but a "living organism!"

We believe in teaching and upholding the fundamental truths of the Bible, though  as a fellowship, we differ from a denominational structure. As such, we adhere to  and believe the church and Christian nonprofit organizations should operate autonomously. Therefore, all property and assets are held in the name of your church or ministry.  The AEGA World Conference is held annually in June at the 70,000 sq. ft. Headquarter Facility in Monroe, Louisiana, or in a major metropolitan area. Regional and state events around the U.S. are hosted by member churches throughout the year, as well as international conferences in several countries. Men, Women, and Youth Retreats are also featured at the AEGA Lodge & Retreat Center located near the international headquarters facility.

Our calling and purpose is to …Serve, Equip and Assist You in Fulfilling 
Your God-Given Vision.

Our Goal as a Fellowship is to Win SOULS to Christ, 
Fulfilling the Great Commission.

Unsolicited Comments

"AEGA is more than an organization, it is a family that I am very blessed to
be a part of. The staff is always available to answer questions, pray and
give sound biblical advice on the particulars of ministry. I am also
impressed by the integrity and leadership of our presiding and territorial
leaders as they work in love and unity to bring us encouragement and
         Pastor Gerald Reliford, Columbia, Kentucky

"I went to the International Minister's Conference to see if I could sense
the vision of AEGA. Well, I am happy to report that I not only sensed it,
but I also wanted to be a part of it. ."
         Rev. Dr. Jerry Hatfield, Lubbock, Texas

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